Fashionable Sail Shades are designed with today’s lifestyle requirements in the field of sun protection systems and can create a cool and shady meeting place during the day and a romantic ambient environment at night.

Sun protection is a growing concern and a major consideration to all people who enjoy life outdoors so add both a design feature with high visual impact and an elegant entertaining area to your home, knowing that all your sun protection requirements are taken care of.

Fashionable Sail Shades are low maintenance by nature and engineered with world-class technology to withstand high winds, torrential rain, hail and block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Enjoy long and lazy summer days in the shaded ambience of architecturally designed shade sails which allow the breeze to pass through as Fashionable Sail Shades will not trap heat.

Unique clip down system for winter storage without fear of rot or mold should you wish to bask in the winter sunshine.


Shade sails are the solution to protecting young and old from the dangerous UV rays that we have here in Australia. They are the most practical and economical structure to use for large spaces in schools and playgrounds

Shade structures are an ideal alternative to shade sails, especially in schools and playgrounds where heights are a problem for the shade sails.

The technology has improved so much over the last few years that these sails and sail structures will now outlast timber and roofing constructions, staying vibrant and strong for many years. Made from permeable shade knit, Fashionable Sail Shades block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays whilst allowing the air to pass through and will not trap heat.

Fashionable Sail Shades will engineer a custom design in accordance with your specific shade requirements and at the same time, create a design feature which will enhance your public profile.

The Shade sail fabrics have a 10-year warranty that they will keep out 95% of the UV rays. After 10 years this decreases minimally and you will not see these quality Sails fading and coming apart in a few years’ time – that is a thing of the past.

Fashionable Sail Shades are strong and purpose-built sun protection systems backed by the technology of Australia’s leading shade knit specialists.


Let Fashionable Sail Shades assist you in providing a protective environment shade sail solution that assists in achieving a comfortable atmosphere that will enhance enjoyment of your leisure hours.


Outdoor leisure and dining is popular in Australia. Throughout the day especially on weekends, people enjoy these locations particularly during the middle of the day in the peak UV ray times. The provision of shade at these venues is likely to increase patronage.


Swimming pools are great but what about all the leaves and other debris that fall causing you to spend more time cleaning the pool than actually swimming in it? The kids get hours of pleasure in a swimming pool but the amount of exposure they also get to the harmful UV rays is a worry.

Handle both these problems with a custom made shade sail. A shade sail or two can enhance the entire swimming pool experience and you can even extend the sail to cover some of the pool decking to make the most of your outdoor relaxing environment.

Our experienced designers can help you with every aspect of this. We will establish the best angles to keep falling leaves out of your pool and to get the optimum sun protection. You may only want half your pool area covered, there are many options and we will help you find the one that is right for you.


Sporting fields are traditionally wide open spaces with little or no consideration given to protective shade protection where however though, shaded areas for players, officials and spectators is essential.

Facilities may be large sponsored fields or small suburban clubs that include athletic fields, basketball and netball courts, bowling greens and more to many to mention. There are endless possibilities to incorporate shade within these facilities so let Fashionable Sail Shades design a concept to meet your needs.


Do you enjoy sitting and chatting in a park or garden?

Parks attract people from a variety of age groups. Generally used for recreation, the time each person spends at a park varies considerably.

Outdoor shade sails are today an integral part of community life at local parks and gardens and other Australian public places where people congregate away from the sun.

From large to small a Shade Sail structure with either a single or multiple overlapping sails will always create the ultimate breezy shade effect. Fashionable Sail Shades can provide limitless designs to suit any park or garden so you can enjoy the breezy environment outdoors without the scorching heat of the bright summer sun forcing you to remain indoors.

Fashionable Sail Shades are professionally engineered to withstand the extremes of nature, such as high winds, torrential rain, high temperatures, hailstorms and the damaging effects of UV radiation.


How much does heat stress cost you?

Excessive heat load during the summer months can result in significant production losses and animal welfare considerations. High body heat loads can develop when a combination of local environmental conditions and animal factors exceed the animal’s ability to dissipate body heat.

Minimising heat gain through shade should be a priority for farmers hoping to keep their animals cool as shade can have a large impact on the body heat load experienced by herds and can improve comfort, productivity and increase profitability.

Dairy cattle farmers in particular notice falls in milk production when cows get hot. This can result in substantial losses in milk income.

Shade cloth minimises solar radiation and is porous so heat evaporated from cattle can vent through it.

Shade sail structures can be designed to maximise ventilation and afternoon shade and can ensure wind speeds are maximised in yard and where possible air temperatures are kept below body temperatures

Like to know more? Contact us and one of our team will respond promptly to your enquiry to implement a management strategy to meet your requirements.


Fashionable Sail Shade engineers have specialised in the areas of plant and vehicle protection for over 10 years.

Fashionable Sail Shades are custom designed in accordance with your specific weather protection requirements. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the damaging effects of UV radiation, high temperatures, torrential rain, hail and strong winds are no longer a threat.

Strong corporate image and public profiles are key factors in today’s competitive market place. The striking visual appeal of Fashionable Sail Shades will provide a strong marketing tool for your business.

Maximise customer comfort and sales opportunities in the shaded ambience of your protected environment.